?Does it come in a larger size? 70 inches long?
Yes, we will have the size of 72" x 24" x 0.75", and this will be sold on Amazon from June 1st.
?How firm is this on scale of 1-10, 10 being firmest? I need something cushy, but not that my feet touch the ground through mat.
This may be exactly what you're looking for then. In shoes or bare feet, I never touch the floor, but it's noticeably cushy. That said, you don't sink deeply into it, but it has quite a lot of give and is very comfortable. And, if it helps, for reference, I'm a size 9.5 shoe and I weigh 175 lbs.
?How much gel is in this mat? Is states it is a gel mat, but list 100% foam in the description - seems deceiving.
yes it's 100% foam the gel are the yellow lines under ... to protect slippery
?What is this made?
It is made with polyurethane integral skin memory foam. We call the name - PolyMuscle.
?Does this mat have a strong odor?
no odor. Its not the cheap rubber stuff. I know what your talking about with odor. I have it under my desk at work if it was stinky I would have been run out :)
?this may be a weird question, but is this waterproof enough to use as a changing pad (for babies)? thanks for the input.
It's a wonderful "mat." I don't think it would be good for changing. Hard surface feel.
?I noticed on the product pictures there is a nuva tag on the right side. can the nuva tag be easily removed?
So its pretty hard plastic and its sort of attached you could cut it but there might remain some red or whatever color it is. its not bothersome but if you don't want it on there cutting it off would be the best as if you tried to tear it might tear the mat. I tugged on it a little its on there pretty good. It makes it easier to move it though so it has a purpose
?Can this mat go into the shower?
I use the mat in front of the kitchen sink, but I don't see why it wouldn't work in a shower. It's completely sealed and anti-slip on the back.

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