Raseel Gujral Ansal

This can be just another monsoon. If you think by indulging in a steaming cuppa coffee, plugging into retro music and watching raindrops drizzle on your glass window, you are making the most of it, sorry, you aren’t enjoying it enough! To do that you need to create the right ambience. Begin with redoing interiors and follow up with season’s other delights.

Colour canvas

The season calls for vibrant interiors to brighten up the house. Though beige and grey colour schemes have been the preferred neutrals, but current interior decor trends point towards brighter shades. Sunset oranges, sunflower yellows, flamingo pinks, and lush greens are beautiful colours to replace the neutrals on a wall in the room. Also introduce textural contrasts in terms of accent pieces. Muted pastels in furniture can be brightened up by placing alongside a bejewelled photo-frame, pop-coloured candles, side-tables and statement accessories.

Texture talk

While you experiment with the colour pallete, play safe with the textures and fabric you use for soft furnishings. Cotton and linen upholstery are ideal for the humid season. Avoid using velvet and leather. These are high on maintenance and may absorb moisture. Go for furniture in light-coloured wood or bamboo chairs accessorised with bright cushions to tide over the humid weather. Fresh white flowers and the fragrance of lavender is a great way to freshen up the ambience.

Care for your home

It’s important to take care of your furniture all round the year, especially during the monsoon, as the rains can damage furniture and upholstery. Pack your valuables, art, artifacts, rugs, expensive crystals, safely into your large cupboards. These demand maintenance. Rather bring potted plants indoors. Introduce monsoon friendly utility items that are water resistant. Put dust-covers to use. Moisture makes dirt stick to the furniture. Only when you have guests coming in, take off the covers. Place coir doormats in balconies and outside doors. You certainly don’t want muck to enter your house with your shoes!

Say no to…

Drab and bulky leather furniture. Invest in durable seating arrangements like slick metallic chairs. Avoid using too many colours in one room.It’s time to replace heavy curtains with sheer ones that let in the light and make you enjoy pitter-patter of rain.So, get inspired from the fresh colours and beauty of the season and opt for a minimal makeover this monsoon.

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